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YouTube Channels Every Male Should Subscribe To

AlphaM Male
"YouTube has over a billion users – almost one-third of all people on the Internet – and each day those users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views"

There is an absolute wild abundance of useful and frequently updated YouTube channels that every male should at least consider signing up to. Things frequently discussed are business, fashion, fitness, travel and overall well being.

The guys that I am suggesting that you subscribe to are not just based in Ireland but all over the world.

"More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices."

Let’s get started right now!

Adrian Gee

Adrian Gee Black and White

Adrian Gee is one for the slightly younger (or immature) audience that is out there. Adrian Gee is an Australian YouTuber that is prompted by his subscribers and followers to say things to and ask untypical questions to females. It’s good fun to see the variety of responses that he gets. One to check out for sure.



Current Subscribers: Over 809,000

See Adrian Gee’s YouTube Channel Here

Rob Lipsett

Rob Lipsett MaleRob Lipsett is a Dublin based YouTube mega-star that came to the surface over the last four years. An ex-school and college rugby play Rob Lipsett’s story is a really interesting one. Having never enjoyed academic pursuits Rob Lipsett left college and went from job-to-job when trying to figure out his next move. Rob Lipsett one day, fairly unknowingly Rob combined his love of fitness with his fantastic charisma and flair and made videos that are really on an upward trajectory.

Rob made a short appearance on Love Island.



Current Subscribers: 284,647

See Rob Lipsett’s YouTube Channel Here

The Lawn Care Nut

Lawn Care NutThe first-full time U.S resident on this list, The Lawn Care Nut is a channel that is brilliantly presented by one-time Florida native, Alan Hayne. Although The Lawn Care Nut’s advice typically involves American based products you will find this channel to be an invaluable learning resource if you want your garden to pop. Rest-assuredly there is nothing that separates your house from everybody else’s house like a well-kept garden. By subscribing to The Lawn Care Nut you will learn how to stripe your lawn like on a football pitch or on a golf course.

There are few thing out there that define a male domestically like how he keeps his garden.

Current subscribers: 103,159

See The Lawn Care Nut’s YouTube Channel Here

Alpha M

Alpha M Male Black and White YouTubeAlpha M is the second U.S based YouTube star to appear on this list. Aaron Marino came to fame when he pitched his idea of male style consultancy to the investors on the U.S based show Shark Tank. The U.S equivalent of Dragon’s Den (see his pitch here). Alpha M drill down into everything that a U.S fella needs to consider. The only thing to remember is that this guy has a lot of U.S based styles and it does not always translate to this side of the pond but certainly a very thought-provoking channel.




Current Subscribers: Over 2,700,000

See Alpha M’s YouTube Channel Here

Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie YouTube Black an WhiteMatt Stonie’s channel offers no health, fashion, hair or style advice. In fact, it offers the very opposite. Matt Stonie’s channel display’s his freak-like ability to eat gigantic-sized meals in record-breaking times. What’s most remarkable is the guy’s size. Mattie Stone literally looks like everybody else, except he eats insane sized meals at break-neck speed. This guy’s channel is simply something that needs to be marvelled (and then for you to regrettably wish you could do the same as him and get away with it.



Current Subscribers: 2,931,435

See Matt Stonie’s YouTube Channel Here

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