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You’re Single and you want a Girlfriend

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As a single male in your thirties in Ireland the need, nay, the demand for having a girlfriend or partner has never been greater. The absolute barrage of wedding invites you get where there is a built-in expectation to have a + 1 and the countless social events for work that you need to attend. It is also important to note that nights out with the lads are far less frequent an occurrence and nobody likes sitting at home completely by themselves, do they?

When a male gets into their thirties in Ireland – the game changes. Your overall mindset cannot purely be based on one-night gratification and a longer term approach is required. Here are four things to do and four things to absolutely not do when looking for the allusive person (girlfriend/ wife) you want to have forever.

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There is a chance that you are spreading your nets too wide when looking for a girlfriend and that you already know this person. It could be a work colleague, a person that goes to the same gym or sports club as you do and you simply like what they are about. When you realise you like this person I would suggest you make subtle, not so noticeable amendments to when you are in her presence. For instance, a fresh squirt of fragrance when you are attending a meeting, wear your best clothes and make sure you have your hair on point.

Pros: The ground work should be already done with this person if, that is, you see them on a regular basis. If you feel that your interaction with her is positive, chances are she will feel the same.

Cons: If you get this wrong with a potential girlfriend who is not as interested as you thought you might damage an element that is an integral part of your daily life e.g. your job or a good friend. It is best to mull over this carefully before making any moves.    



An often over-looked tool by males in their thirties is the presence of “dating apps” like Tinder and Plenty of Fish (POF). This oversight can probably be attributed to the perceived view that Tinder and POF are nothing more than “knockin-shops” for younger males in their twenties. Tinder and POF can be an extremely useful way of getting in front of the right people in your locality. There is then the potential to integrate Whatsapp and other simple communication applications to bolster your plans too. Use every resource that is available.

Pros: POF and Tinder allow for granular levels of control when looking for a partner/ girlfriend as to who sees your profile i.e. who can communicate with you. You can set up your account so that only people you want to speak to can talk to you.

Cons: There are males out there who are not comfortable putting themselves out there on dating apps. This will always act as a hindrance for males fulfilling their potential.

Find out details about POF and Tinder at:



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Looks are not everything. In fact, looks matter far, far, far less than personality. However, the very least you need to do is make sure you are looking as good as you can look. Fitness, nutrition and going to the gym at least four days a week with intense workouts are crucial activities you must participate in if you are looking to land yourself your dream partner/ girlfriend. Again, these actions are less about how you look to others but instead how you look to yourself. The more you impress yourself with how you look the more confident you will be when you’re talking to females. This is a confidence you can only feel when you are in that space. It feels great.

Pros:  You think, act and perform faster when you are fitter. It’s as much about mind space as it is about physical condition. When you are fitter and dealing with tricky females you can think faster on your feet.

Cons: There is only one con to being fit and it is mega. The sole con to being fitter and healthier is the sacrifice and dedication that it requires. The sacrifice and dedication comes easier to some rather than most. No takeaways, far less booze and the correct amount of sleep. Best to get at least seven hours a night.



It is crucial to have your clothes/style on point and ensure you dress situation and age appropriate. Most of Ireland’s males do not dress appropriately. Nothing will stunt your progress with females more than being badly dressed. It is crucial that you update your wardrobe with a selection of:

Well-fitting dress and casual shirts

A blazer

Good fitting jeans (Jesus Christ – do not get flared or boot cut)

Sharp casual shoes (something like double monk straps)

A smart watch

Places in Ireland where great clothes can be purchased:

Tommy Hilfiger http://eu.tommy.com/Men/9200000,default,sc.html

Brown Thomas http://www.brownthomas.com/men/

Zara https://www.zara.com/ie/en/man-c358524.html

H and M http://www2.hm.com/en_ie/men.html

Bee Inspired https://www.beeinspiredclothing.com/

Weir and Sons https://weirandsons.ie/

What not to do…

It is crucial not to dwell on the things that you are not meant to do. The only reason that they are being explained here is so that when you feel yourself or see somebody else doing them you stop, right then and there.


Putting any female on a pedestal. If Irish males have made any mistake in their lives it is putting a female they like on a pedestal as though she is an untouchable queen. This is pure bollocks. This is precisely the mind set that is absolutely wrong. It is crucial that when communicating with any female that you approach it as though you are the prize.


Coming on too strong is a mistake which has plagued males in Ireland. If you do decide to pursue the affection of any female you have only one chance to make a good first impression. If you blow that only chance it’s best you cut your losses and move on. As they say POF in the sea.


If you go on a night out with your buddies and the desire to pull a bird is high on your priority list I would strongly, strongly, strongly suggest to de-prioritise it. Females can smell your want and if you come on with too much want you will make a complete and utter tit of yourself. It is crucial to pace yourself and keep in mind the aforementioned mindset of you being the prize.


When searching for any female there are a couple of tell-tale signs that could show that she is one to be avoided. A female can have a few of bad qualities that you can see past (after all you are infatuated with her) but there are a couple that simply cannot be tolerated.

Neediness is the absolute worst quality any female can possess. If there is even a slight sign that the female that interests you is in any way needy we would advise you to jog on. Neediness is the absolute worst quality a female can have.

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