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What to Wear and What Not to Wear to an Interview

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Going to an interview can be one of the most daunting things that any male can do. It is difficult enough being prepared for the onslaught of curve-ball and read between the line questions you are about to be asked, the very least you can do is have your style on point. There are a few things to do and there are lots of things not to do when going for your next interview.

Things to Do

It is crucial to adopt a style that is minimalist, yet powerful. Therefore a well-cut black suit with black shoes and black socks is absolutely crucial. Funky socks and brown shoes are to be avoided at all costs. These features are more appropriate for a wedding rather than an interview.

The black suit above is absolutely stunning. Above, the black suit with the tidy black watch face is absolutely stunning together. Also, take note of the shirt’s length relative to the suit’s arm. It is absolutely crucial to position the shirt sleeve about one-quarter inch longer than the jacket. It looks great.

A simple yet stylish piece absolutely jumps off your arm when presented well, with the correct length jack and shirt sleeve. Do not overlook the importance of this.

Things Not to Do

There are an absolutely enormous amount of things not to do or to say in an interview. For instance, it’s not advisable to declare anything which resembles a lack of passion for that industry (would you believe that this happens) or displaying a potential difficulty in integrating into the new team. This would be stupid too.

When going into an interview there are two things to absolutely not do from a style and first impression point of view. The first thing not to do is to wear a flashy colour or bold navy suit. These colours will only get the back of the interviewer up and you will end up alienating him or her.

The suit, the bag and the watch all look absolutely stunning when seen in isolation. The oversized watch and navy suit are better than almost anything out there. These are more approprate when attending a wedding instead of your dream job interview.

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