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Wedding Preperation For Men – Top Eight Things to Do (A Checklist)

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Having got married four weeks ago I can gladly say it was the happiest and most incredible day of my life. Everything went brilliantly from start to finish. It went brilliantly on the back of a lot of work done in the months leading up to the wedding

I must admit that the lion’s share of work for our wedding was done by my wife. She was phenomenal all the way through. I suspect that most, not all weddings in the world. This has been the only wedding that I was involved in organising but from my interaction with other males having gone through the whole wedding process, they say just about the same thing- “Ye. she did most of that”.

I do think that there are things that males need to do for weddings and best that you know about these in advance.

Things That a Male Needs To Do For A Wedding

  1. Getting a gift for the person you are marrying is a crucial thing to remember. This is something that I found to be lost on some males in the months leading up to the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, there is an expectation that each person gives each other a gift. It is important that you get a memorable and important gift that means something to the person you are marrying.
  2. It is important to get a gift/ gifts for your parents before the big day. This is something that can be deemed a little old-fashioned in 2018. Some people give their gifts during the speeches during or after the dinner but it is something that has been happening less and now are being given in the morning time.
  3. A big thing that males need to do is to get their suits for the day. I personally chose black-tie as I think they are classy and timeless. I chose to hire my suits as opposed to buy them as there would have had no value afterwards.
  4. Write Your Speech.  The groom’s speech is something that needs to be done too. For me, this was just a big thank-you fest and in reality, all the pressure was on the best man’s speech. For me, it was important that I knew that everybody’s speech was on schedule.
  5. Pick the music for the ceremony. This is something that will be for sure a joint decision too but it is beyond crucial to make your input known. Some of the music that my wife and I chose include the following:   



6. It is important to chip in on the day-to-day general preparations – From my experience, there will be lots and lots of little things to do e.g. organising cars on the day, making sure that your people are in the correct places at the correct times.
7. Honeymoon Organisation  – Depending on when and where you go on your honeymoon its crucial to chip into this part of the process too. I personally got married on the  27th April and I will not be going on my honeymoon until September time. Be involved all throughout the process and you’ll be fine.
8. Enjoy Yourself on The Day – You will not believe how fast this day will go. All I will say is, you WILL be worried at certain points of the day. But whatever you do – do not let the day run away from you. What I am saying here is – ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT.
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