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Top 6 Resort Hotels in Europe

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If you are approaching a significant couple or career milestone e.g. a wedding, anniversary or promotion and you need something to mark it in grandiose fashion then visiting one of these monumental hotels is just for you. Recently voted by T + L as the best six resort hotels in Europe. Unbelievably two of the top six are located within Ireland. See the entire list here.

Each hotel will be listed with a photo, a video and the cost for a couple to stay at each resort for a week in August 2017. In order to ensure that each resort is measured like-for-like the same week will be picked. Checking in on 4th August and checking out on 11th August 2017. Each price was checked on Saturday 16 July 2017 on each of the resort hotels own website.    

6.    Ashford Castle. Mayo. Ireland

Ashford Castle is one of Ireland’s most remarkable hotels. With over eight hundred years of history splendidly displayed in stupendous luxury and finesse. Ashford Castle is truly breathtaking. Check their website here.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple: The state room was the most basic room and this was not available every night. The nights that were available were costing €1925 per night. If the room was available every night and at this cost your stay would be €13,475.

5. Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Switzerland

Beau Rivage Palace is decadence at its absolute peak. Based in the scintillating area of Lausanne, Switzerland Beau Rivage Palace caters to all of your senses masterfully. Get to savour the phenomenal Cinq Mondes Spa.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple:  €2,800

4.Ballyfin, Co. Laois, Ireland.

The second time that the Emerald Isle has appeared on this list of remarkable resort hotels. About 90 minutes drive from Ireland’s capital city, Dublin Ballyfin is just exquisite to its core. Its finishings, its location and its atmosphere make it unmissable if you want to impress or show how much you care for your loved one.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple: €5,950 (approximately €850 per night) 

3. Mount Cervin Palace, Zermatt, Switzerland

Mount Cervin Palace overlooks the phenomenal Matterhorn (part of the Swiss Alps). This exquisite hotel is truly set amongst one of the most idyllic places on earth. Switzerland is one of the few places on earth that has the benefit of sublime beauty in the summer time as well as winter.

Switzerland’s greatest hotel, and that’s saying something.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple: €3106.50

2. Rosewood – Castiglion Del Bosco

Set in the heart of Tuscany – Castigilion Del Bosco is a hotel that needs to be seen to be believed. Located at the Val D’Orcia World Heritage site this resort is beautiful inside and out.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple: €7,920

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1.Castello di Casole

Tuscany on display for the second time on the list Castello di Casole is just hotel magnificence at its most divine. To visit this hotel would truly be a once in a lifetime experience. Truly awe-inspiring.

Cost for a one week stay for a couple: €7,381.25

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