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Three Best Male Fragrances in Ireland


It’s fair to say that great style is about so much more than how you look. One of the most important features of how a male can be defined is his scent.

There is a massive selection of affordable scents available today. This list will explain the five best for males to own.

1. Allure Sport – Chanel

Allure is one of the slightly lesser known of the Chanel scents but its “Sport”  variant is one to really treasure. Available in a great selection of sizes including a useful travel size. Chanel Allure Sport is incredible and at the very least needs to be considered the next time that you purchase fragrances.


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2. Mont Blanc – Legend

Legend Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is that one fragrance that you always see when you are shopping for a new fragrance but not necessarily the one that you get. Mont Blanc is the scent that you wear on a night out if you want to turn heads. The only slight criticism of Mont Blanc is the similarity with the very-well know and lesser liked Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch.

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Armani Aqua Di Gio


3. Aqua Di Gio – Armani

When you walk down the street and you notice (consciously or unconsciously) a male that smells well over the past decade the chances are they were wearing the unmistakable Aqua Di Gio from Armani. For a very long time Aqua Di Gio was the world’s best selling fragrance. If you needed to buy a male a fragrance and you were unsure of what he liked, he will definitely like Aqua Di Gio.

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