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Thinning Hair For Men

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There are few things that define a man’s style more than his hair and the style of his hair. Every single male knows at least a couple of men whose hair is not the shape that it once was. In fact, one in three men will have experienced some degree of hair loss before the age of thirty. Thinning hair does not need to be the terrifying ordeal that it once was.  This article will outline the choices for men when their hair starts to fail them. There are more choices now than ever now at head into to 2019. Male.ie will discuss the options here.

Shave it all off

This is the style that I would endorse. Shaving all of your hair off to a “zero” all-over is the easiest and cheapest thing to do on a regular basis. There are a number of clippers available in Ireland that will allow balding men to shave it all off. The razors that are considered best on the market include: The Wahl “Balding” Clippers, or Philips Hairgroom QC5570/13 .


Hair Restoration / Hair Implants

Hair implants are words that are often used in association with some of the world’s most famous men. There are a plethora of famous men who have used hair implants to thicken or to fill out their hair. It is my opinion that it is these men who have made it now acceptable for males to fill out to artificially replenish their head hair.

Men who have widely admitted to resorting to hair restoration methods have included Calum Best, Jurgen Klopp, Wayne Rooney and Bryan Robson.


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There are a number of places in Ireland where men can get their hair restored. One of the best-known locations that facilitates hair transplants is Hair Restoration Blackrock.

Hair Restoration Blackrock is one of the world’s leading hair restoration companies and the only company in the world that is JCI accredited.

There are two questions that are always asked about hair restoration and they are “Does it hurt?” and “How much does it cost”

“Does it Hurt?”

This is generally the largest fear pertaining to anybody experiencing hair restoration procedures. The simple answer is… no, well not really. A local anesthetic needs to be administered by a doctor. When done correctly the pain is considered to be minimal but there can be instances slight to mild pain but this is only in rare circumstances.

“What does it Cost?”

The price of getting hair restoration in Ireland can vary. One thing is for sure. You will have to save for a while before getting this done. The cost of a compulsory one-hour consultation is €250 done by a Doctor to analyse the “current” stage of hair loss and to actually establish is a hair transplant even possible? The minimum cost of getting a hair transplant at Hair Restoration Blackrock is about €7,000.

Do Nothing

If shaving your thinning hair or getting hair implants are not the answer for you then there are certain instances where men with thinning hair can look good. Celebrities with thinning hair who look good over the years have included Dwayne Johnson, Jude Law or Jason Statham.


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One thing is for sure, thinning hair is not the style “death sentence” it used to be. In fact, there is some research that explains that some bald men are considered sexy by women. See the research here.

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