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I have often spoken about how I Iove getting my hair cut. For the past two years, I have got my hair cut once a fortnight religiously in the same location. As a Waterford man, I make a concentrated point of getting my hair cut at the same location and where I can, with the same barber. Right now I get my hair cut but Waterford based barber group, The Jolly Barber (the location I visit is actually located in Ferrybank which is technically Kilkenny). The Jolly Barber offers great value haircuts with every eight haircut free and this is a perfect location for getting a low fade.

Request a Low Fade

A low fade is an incredible look when performed freshly. With a low fade due to the shortness on its sides I would believe that you will only get about three days of a fresh haircut look. This can be frustrating (it is for me anyway).

I have set out what to request when getting a low fade from your barber and then what you need to do to maintain it for the coming days.

  1. Request a zero, up into a one and a two where before you get to the regular length hair on top. BTW. It is crucial that the hair on top of your hair is exactly the length that you like. I have this in-between length that I find to be just the correct length. Going back what I said earlier, it does not stay the correct length for very long.
  2. This part of the advice is referring how to style it from home. When the hair is freshly cut and looks good on the sides that will act as a great motivator to keep it looking great on top. In this case, I would recommend a styling product such as American Crew and combine that in simply with a volumising blow-dry. The volume is important.

See some great looking low fades below:

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