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The Importance of Routine

Importance of routine

A lot can be done and learned in a week. Everybody has the same amount of time. Nobody is more or less advantaged than anybody else. It’s how you use your hours in a week that determines how successful or unsuccessful that week has been. History has shown that in order to get the most out of one’s time the best way to do this would be if somebody was to set up a routine. A routine is simply a list of things that a male does on a weekly basis. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are renowned for packing a hell of a lot into their weeks by having extremely long days.

Dana White UFC

Some of these males included on this list are Dana White, Jeff Bezos and Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon is now seventy-one years old and gets buy on less than four hours sleep per night. Each of these males uses a routine, each perfected over long and successful careers in each of their chosen industries.



The Early Bird Catches the Worm

This often used catchphrase is the very basis of this article. Going back to the point that says that everybody has the same amount of hours this is where you will get ahead of your peers. The morning time will be a pivotal part of your routine. An early morning is a perfect time for you to get to the gym and get some exercise in before getting to work. You will find too that when you get a good exercise in throughout the morning you have lots of energy for the rest of the day.

If your gym session starts at six then there is lots of time for two more crucial parts of the routine to be completed your preparation for work and your breakfast or post workout meal.

Gym - Male.ie Routine

My morning routine pre-work preparation includes the usual items which are have a shave, shower and preparation for work e.g. suit, tie and hair gel.

Before I begin work I have something light like a Fulfil protein bar (I like the mint one) and a 500ml carton of Avonmore protein milk. This means that you get close to 50g of protein and only a modest amount of fat.


My Working Routine 

I make a point of getting to work about twenty minutes before everybody else, not to be better than anybody else or to be competitive it’s so that I can get my thoughts straight for the day and I can put a plan of action into place. I set out a “to-do” list every morning to make sure that I get as much out of my working day as possible. This tends to impress the people that I stand alongside when I participate in my daily stand-up or progress meeting outlining my day’s activities. As a reward to sticking to my routine, I have a coffee at 11.00 in the shop down the hall from my office. Nothing major, no biscuits or bars but a decent way of keeping the wolf from the door until lunch time.


Lunch Time

That’s where the next part of the routine is crucial. I only take 30 minutes for lunch but during that 30 minutes, I eat some chicken or beef that I cooked from the night before. This keeps my lunch costs down versus buying pub or restaurant food and it also makes sure that I am aware of the caloric impact of the food that I am eating (this way it’s making sure that your early morning trips to the gym are not a complete waste of time). The cost of three raw chicken fillets is generally around €5.

Evening Time   

Depending on my work-load I could get out from work anytime between four and six. If it’s four then there is a great opportunity for me to get out q do some laundry or washing if it’s needed, get some time in with people at home and then I can go about any errands that need doing.

Every evening I prepare my lunch and my clothes required for the following day and try to be in bed for 11 O’ Clock. This gives about six hours sleep per night.






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