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Teeth- The Cornerstone of Male Style

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One of the most important elements of any male’s style would be his teeth. Teeth are often one of the very first things that any girl will notice about a male. From my experience, despite their importance teeth are less a priority for males than they should be – especially for males in their twenties and thirties. For me, there have been nights after a long day where you can fall into bed without going through the necessary cleaning.

This list will discuss some of the ways to keep your teeth healthy or ways that you can intercept poor oral health.

Tooth Brush

It is important to talk about the most important things first. It’s best to have a soft and medium toothbrush. Having a soft toothbrush would allow you to get in close to your gums while not being too rough which could cause them to potentially recede over time. The medium brush will allow you to clean your actual teeth.


There are an abundance toothpaste brands available today. For me its impossible to look past Sensidyne Repair and Protect. Should your teeth have any issues such as sensitivity this toothpaste does a great job at eliminating the pain until you see your dentist.


Like toothpaste there is a gigantic choice of mouthwash for males. Depending on if you are trying to keep your teeth and gums up to scratch or if you are trying to rid your self of your teeth bleeding when brushing (gingivitis) there is no end of choices. For me, it is impossible to look past any products from Listerine. Listerine supply a wide range of mouthwashes depending on your situation. For example, Listerine total care does a great job at keeping your gums and teeth healthy when used after brushing. If you have bleeding gums then they offer a fantastic product known as Listerine Gum Treatment that will stop gums from bleeding within two weeks. It can be used as a way of preventing gum disease too


GumsBruxism Guard | Male.iehield

If you are like one of the twenty percent of people who suffer from Bruxism (grinding or gnashing your teeth in your sleep unknowingly) a mouth guard will be a crucial piece of sleep kit for you. Bruxism is something this writer has suffered from almost all of his life. Nobody knows what the exact cause is but this gnashing can cause decay, teeth to break or cause jaw and headaches too. Some say stress and anxiety would be large factors. Any tightness in the muscles in your body will also cause you some problems.


Buy your bruxism guard here 


Flossing is something that I have not done regularly. It is something that I have regretted and something that I will begin doing again after my next dental appointment.

There are now great and easy to use products allowing for simple flossing.

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