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The Importance of Style at Work

Mens Style at Work | Work Clothes

The Importance of Style at Work

What you wear and how you look at work is important. Very important. Forbes magazine recently detailed in an article how better-looking people are paid more. That taller people earn a little bit extra compared to average sized people. That those that train more and work out more extra too (read about the article here). Some of these things are controllable, while others are not. One of the elements that you can control is how you dress for work. How you dress for work is crucial as to how others perceive you and how you see yourself. This in itself is crucial to your professional development and for career progression.

Dressing For Work

There are lots of males in Ireland that get dressed in the morning for work with care or attention to detail. No care or awareness for the consequence for not dressing well. Those who dress better also perform best.

Interestingly, at the beginning of 2018 The Independent in the United Kingdom did a survey that showed that only one in ten males in Britain wear suits to work (read the article here) any more. There has been some drop off in the number of males wearing suits to work every day but the fact still remains that men that dress and look sharpest in work perform best and most probable to move up the food chain faster.

In the above video, Alex Costa describes why it’s important to dress on point while in work every day. This great video captures cultural considerations, why it’s important not to be average or less than average at any point.

Alpha M brilliantly breaks down ten style tips for the young professional male. Interestingly, Aaron discusses the whole “wearing a suit without socks” look and he strongly advises against this if you want to be taken seriously by your boss and/ or your colleagues.

Clothes (in isolation) are often prioritised when it comes to style consideration in the office. However, the importance of on-point hair and how it looks cannot be overlooked. The above video captures a hairstyle that is sharp for business settings but can also be utilised in business casual settings too. The video gives a short three-minute tutorial on how to conduct the style yourself.

In Conclusion

Although being considered by some as a less important thing than it has been in the past, how you dress and present yourself at work is more important than ever. It has been proved that people that appear better, progress easier and faster too. Simple tip – make sure to look your sharpest every day that you are in work.


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