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Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay Review

Schwarzkopf go2b iStyler Texture Clay | Male.ie | Review

Male.ie has reviewed a multitude of hair products in the recent past. We have reviewed some of the “higher-end” hair products which included American Crew and Hanz De Fuko. These products can come in at around €20 each and can be difficult to get over-the-counter in Ireland. Our review today will focus on a product that fits in to the affordable €5 range and is available in most supermarkets. As hair products go, few beat the incredible Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay.

Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay is a hair product that I have been using on and off for the past seven years. I was first exposed to in when a friend of my younger brother wore it in my company. I liked how it made his hair look styled but it did not have that horrid out of date “wet look” which was commonly associated with people that wore gel. From my brother’s reaction it seems like he was equally impressed. A conversation quickly began as to what product he was wearing. Telling us it came in a bright orange container that was very unique. Upon going to my local Tesco I was happy upon scanning the grooming isle I found what I was looking for.

Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay comes in this bright orange small cylindrical container containing the clay. the clay is white in colour and spreads easily over your nearly dry hair. I have a policy whereby I add hair product to my hair when its 95% dry. This way I feel it gives the most volumes, your hair has the most flexibility as to what it can do and most importantly I think that it gives your hair the best looking finish for the day or night that is ahead of you and it does not have any distinct odour. From a texture point of view Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay does not go clumpy or leave unkept looking white marks in your hair like other hair products can.

My hair is quite short as I cut it about every two weeks making sure that it has that newly cut look for as long as possible. Due to the style and length of my hair I think it works perfect. I would have some doubts as to the suitability of Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay for people that have longer hair but you probably realise already that a  gel or a clay would probably not be the west choice for your hair.

For about €5 Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay is a product that is affordable, reliable and looks great in most male’s hair. It’s widely available in Ireland in most supermarkets and pharmacies and chemists insuring that your hair can always be on point.

Schwarzkopf go2b iStyler Texture Clay Review | Ireland

What I like most about Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Texture Clay is how it leaves my hair with a fantastic “matt-look”. I blow-dry my hair when I add this product making sure that I get any added volume that brow-drying offers and if my hair is not quite dry enough it allows me to get to that point in just a couple of seconds.

Considering the price, availability and what it does for my hair I would give this product a very healthy:

Male.ie rating: 9.5 / 10    

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