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Presents for Wife or Girlfriend This Christmas

Christmas comes every year with its fabulous benefits such as parties, catching up with old buddies that you might see and also the influx of drinking and fun, for the most part, it’s very happy. There are challenges too. The most obvious challenge is the presents to get for the ladies in your life, your wife, girlfriend or mother. We will discuss presents to get them here.

For your Wife   

Depending on how long you are married to your wife there will be a certain organic “pressure” for you to buy something fitting the length of your nuptials. If it is your first year married I would recommend something that you know that she would love. If it needs to be something that is tangible I would recommend an Apple iPad Mini 4. You can purchase an Apple iPad Mini 4 from €499. Big money. But hey, you’re in love.

Buy your Apple iPad Mini here.

i Pad Mini 4


If you need something less expensive but potentially just as thoughtful it is difficult to see past great perfume. For me, Chanel perfume cannot be looked past. Depending on the age of your wife – for me, I enjoy Coco Mademoiselle.

One that I have had the pleasure to enjoy smelling a lot recently has been Guerlain Mon. This perfume would not quite have the name power as Chanel, but it smells fantastical. One for you to consider for sure.

See that perfume here.

For your Girlfriend  

Again, depending on what stage you are at in your relationship will depend on what you get your girlfriend. A few years back I took a risk and got a beautiful pair of Ray-Ban Erica sunglasses. It’s probably a bad policy to buy sunglasses for your partner without her there to try them out but if you do believe in your taste I would suggest going with your gut. It worked great for me.

Ray Ban Erica


For your Mother

For me, there are tonnes of things that you could buy your mother but it is very difficult to look past perfume. Depending on how old your mother is will depend on the perfume that you get her.

The perfume I recommend to buy for your mother this year would be Bloom by Gucci or For Her by Narciso Rodriguez. Their perfumes are classy, not overly-sweet and the scents are unique. Price-wise you would be talking about €50 and €90. Both perfumes can be purchased from Debenhams.

Bloom by Gucci can be purchased here and For Her by Narciso Rodriguez can be purchased here.



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