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Should You Wear A Navy Suit with Brown Shoes To Work?

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Should you wear a navy suit with brown shoes to work?

No. Absolutely not. A navy suit with brown shoes has been something that has been worn (way too much) to weddings over the past five years by lots of men across Europe. This had inevitably led to males realising that it was a great look that could work in a non-wedding setting. This might work in a non-wedding setting- just not work.

I have often used the navy suit and brown shoes look at a wedding myself. This is a look that I absolutely loved once. However, over time I began to notice that I was not being stylish but instead I simply looked like every other eejit at a wedding. I avoid, as much as humanly possible, wearing navy suits at a wedding any more.

But, to go back on my point…Wearing a navy suit at work is something that should be avoided at all costs. When wearing this combination of attire in the office I was met with disapproving glances from my colleagues and even worse, my boss. Wearing the navy suit and brown shoes at work says something like – you think you’re “a man about town” but in reality, you look like a man who has not been able to independently pick his own clothes. You have needed to use a look from a wedding or even worse than that your girlfriend, wife or mother have told you to wear it.

Nothing looks as or feels as great as wearing a new, sharp suit to work. But there are some rules to keep in mind:

    1. The suit must be black or dark grey (remember you are trying to look sharp, but professional at the same time)
    2. The second rule is to wear freshly shined and beautiful black shoes. Black shoes look great. Stick to these in work.
    3. A great look for winter time suits is to wear an appropriately fitted black suit with a white shirt and an appropriate coloured tie. Wearing a well-fitted black jumper under the jacket is a look that gives instant style credibility to people who are tall and well filled out

If you have done this before, don’t worry about it. Draw a line under it and move on. There are far bigger professional mistakes which could be made.

Starting this coming Monday put on your best looking and sharpest black suit with some good looking black shoes. The change in perception will not be immediate but over time your colleagues will look at you in a more positive light.

Bottom line: No navy suits with brown shoes in the office.

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