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Male Grooming in Ireland

Male grooming has been something that I have always found to be a fascinating topic of discussion. Over the past fifteen years, this writer has witnessed the sheer metamorphosis of how men approach grooming. At one stage, not only was grooming sneered and laughed at by males but something that would cause a man to be ostracised from his circle of friends should he consider gelling his hair a certain way or moisturising his skin. Remarkably, over the past five years, the perceptions of males between the age of eighteen and thirty-two of grooming have moved in what seems like a complete 180 degrees departure. It’s not something that is hidden but something that is discussed amongst peers. I will discuss why this is, what it is that males are getting done and if you are considering getting anything done (whether you want to tell anybody or not) and where you can get it done.

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Male Grooming Activities

There is a limitless list of male grooming activities that males can get involved in. There is chest shaving, back waxing, tanning, teeth whitening, the infamous back, crack and sack and many, many more activities. But what ones, if any, should you do?

Trimming “Downstairs”

It has been confirmed that eight-out-ten Irish men cut their pubic region on a regular basis (once every three weeks). Males use scissors and hair trimmers to carry out this job.

Chest Hair  

Chest hair is also an area that gets regular attention from men. Just like every other decision relative to male grooming, it’s typically motivated by the fact if females will find it attractive or not. What makes this even more confusing is every single woman is different and their perception of chest chair. Some women love it, some women hate and some think its alright. It is this ambiguity why some men do it and some men don’t.

Upon scanning/ searching online for the keyword chest hair I actually stumbled across an Adwords ad which was created to get people to the Gilette website.

Chest Shaving | Gilette | Male.ie

 Back, Sack and Crack

Simply saying the words back, sack and crack can make any person burst out laughing.This product has been something that has always intrigued me and for a few reasons too. I would love to speak to somebody who gets it done on a regular basis. My biggest problem would be having the nerve to stand in front of a grooming specialist and have that work done.

Upon doing some research into various establishments in Ireland that carry out Back, Sack and Crack waxes I found a number of places in and around Dublin.

Stephen Thomas Male Grooming

Stephen Thomas Male Grooming is open from 10 am on Dame Street. Stephen Thomas specialises in the waxing of back, sack and cracks for €90. The wide and varied range of products that would suit all budgets. The most expensive product for sale at Stephen Thomas’s premises is full body waxing which is available for €200.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a feature that most professional men should consider at some stage of their life. Occasions that would warrant getting teeth whitened would be getting married if you are a regular coffee, tea or wine drinker it could reverse the stains.

Most dentists in Ireland offer teeth whitening services which included creating a mould for your specific teeth.

Callan Dental  

Callan Dental is based in the small village of Callan in Co. Kilkenny. Callan Dental has a national reputation for its dentistry. Its reputation comes from its specialism in dealing with nervous patients. I have had great experiences in dealing with Dr Jennifer Huston. She offers great service and a lovely person to deal with. If you are getting teeth whitening done in Callan Dental it will cost you €350.


Tanning is a grooming activity that males in Ireland are doing more and more of. Considering the risks of using machine-based tanning the world’s biggest cosmetic companies have developed out-of-a bottle alternatives. There is a massive selection of tanning products available for men to buy. Some of these products include:

Face Bronzer for Men by Clinique

Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam for Men by Bondi Sands

Ultra Dark Insta-Grad Tanning Mouse by St. Moriz

The Grooming Studio

If you are looking for a specific place that will do spray tan for males in Ireland then The Grooming Studios on South William Street is for you. Costs for a spray tan for males range between €20 and €30.

The Future

Male grooming is on a very, very fast upward trajectory in Ireland. The thing is, it’s going to get even bigger by the day. The boundaries of what males can do and what females expect in terms of grooming by men change equally as fast as the industry is changing. Watch this space with interest.


Male Grooming in Ireland
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Male Grooming in Ireland
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