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Luxury Property Every Male Wants to Live in

Luxury House

There is little doubt that there are few things that define a male more than the house/ apartment that he lives in. Often times a house represents a male’s personality, their progression in their career or his general interests like a large garden, a big garage or any for cooking outside.

There is a little or big part of every male that would love to have a property that would set him or her apart from his contemporaries

See below a list of some of the world’s most incredible houses and apartments that are or were available. Some of them are absolutely draw-dropping.

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The list below will display properties spanning the entire world.

1257 Silverado Street

La Jolla, San Diego, California


This house absolutely everything that a male could want. Incredible views of the sea close by, an outdoor kitchen and underground garage, not to mention styling throughout the property that is mesmerising. Based in the affluent and sought after La Jolla this property is simply jaw-dropping.

1 King Street West Toronto 


I recently heard an interesting expression that the new American-dream is Canada. It was explained to me that Canada is now renowned as a slightly slower, more laid-back and enjoyable place to live compared to some of the U.S’s largest cities. This luxury penthouse combined opulence with convenience means that it sails onto this list. An absolutely stunning apartment.

Ebury Square, Belgravia, London

United Kingdom

This apartment based in one of the worlds most sought after locations is the absolute epitome of luxury and style. If you are going to live in a property like this you had better begin saving your money this apartment was recently purchased for a mega £45,000,000.

A magnifient property in a magnificent place.

Emirates Hills Mansion, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is fast becoming the worlds most desired destinations. Over the past twenty years Dubai has positioned itself internationally to be synonymous with luxury, style and beauty. Once, all that Dubai was was a sandy and barren desert. How times have changed.

65 Westwood Lane, Ontario


Canada is appearing for the second time on this list, and for good reason too. This house is beautifully lit and incredibly landscaped. Take a look at this remarkable property.

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