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Jeans For Men – The Perfect Pair

Best Jeans For Men

Over the past six months, I have spent considerable time seeking to find the right pair of jeans to buy. I needed something that combined being the right fit, a shape and a colour that I loved and also something that I knew could be washed easily. My findings were very interesting.

I had spent lots of time travelling from shop to shop looking to see what colours or shades suited me. I purposefully did this search offline as I felt that the websites that I had been checking just did not give me enough assurance that the size or the fit would be right for me. Then after much searching, I found the perfect pair. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Scanton range of jeans from Tommy Hilfiger.

Scanton from Tommy Hilfiger are a slim fit jean that are not like those widely skinny jeans worn by males in their late teens or early twenties. Scanton have a combination of smart shape and ability to come into contact with your shoe in a very stylish way. Their range of colours that Scanton comes in rarely disappoints too.

For me, the very best thing about Scanton jeans is the elastic type waist that exists on any pair that I have ever worn. These jeans will allow you to move up or down a little in size without having to replace them. This is a fantastic added extra for Scanton jeans and the reason why I think that Scanton jeans are best for any male seeking to buy his next pair of jeans.


Scanton jeans come at a price of about €99. Agreeably, not the cheapest pair of jeans for men available but upon looking at their fit, colour and durability in the wash these jeans are the ultimate pair for anybody looking to buy their next pair of jeans.

If you are lucky, you might find a pair of Scanton jeans on sale in your local or typical Tommy store or distributer at a knocked down price. At present, you can find some pairs of reduced price Scanton jeans on at the following section of the Tommy website here


The very best thing about any Tommy jeans is just how widely available they are. Tommy’s Irish based website is easy to navigate and as mentioned above great for finding great special offers. But if the website is not enough for you and you need to try on the jeans for yourself then you will be sure to have a Tommy reseller in close proximity to you.




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