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Incredible Videos of Steaks being Cooked


Incredible Steaks

Now that we have reached the very heart of the summer there is nothing that feels as satisfying as cooking up incredible thick and juicy steaks on the barbeque or in the house on the pan. Over the past five years, I developed an “untypical” guilty pleasure. I absolutely love watching people cook steaks. I love hearing about the secret processes and steps each male takes when cooking his cow and how his steak is better than everybody else’s. I love seeing the equipment used in order to create that wonderful smokehouse or steakhouse taste.

I love hearing stories of how people cook it, how they like it cooked (blue, rare, medium-rare etc). I personally adore it medium-rare but I would not turn my nose up at any steak, so long as it’s nice.

See below five incredible steakhouse videos where streak is being cooked by masters of what they do.

Woodfire Steak

Get to the savour the sheer perfection that can be achieved by a restaurant-based woodfire to cook meat. The clever design of this fire cooker used with stacking logs which allow the chef to create different levels of heat in different parts of the grill. Here the hottest temperature is at the point furthest back on the grill while the furthest part forward is least hot.

Pan Versus Grill/BBQ

A long-withstanding debate in Ireland has been the question – How do you make the best steak? Is it on the pan or is it on a BBQ/ grill? The below video entertainingly displays the pros and cons to both. This is a great video and one that I truly enjoy watching.

Tomahawk Steak

This video is presented by a male that is as about American as they come. A man after my own heart he loves his steak and what better way to present your love for cooking steaks than cooking the “King” of steaks – a Tomahawk Steak. The steak in this video, with the bone included, is frickin’ huge. Its size, both the bone and the size of the actual meat create the biggest challenge when cooking a Tomahawk Steak. Have nice seared on the outside, but whilst still keeping the pinky-red on the inside. Enjoy this one:

Ribeye Steak on a Woodfire

Over the past fifteen years, rib-eye steak has really come to the forefront as being the go-to steaks for chefs in restaurants when it comes to great-tasting yet affordable steaks. Ribeye steaks have the firmness to be a filling a tasty steak while also have the fat and marble content to ensure it provides an unrivalled taste experience. The below video shows a wood fire at its very best. This wood fire would undoubtedly be very high on the wish lists of males throughout Ireland and all across the developed world. See for yourself.





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