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The Most Important Element’s to Male Fashion

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There are lots of variables that can affect a male’s style. His hair style, his shoes, his posture or his smile. Although all important, these list slightly behind the three most crucial male fashion considerations that are required for you to “pop”.Find the three most important things below:

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1. Your Body Shape/ Fitness

No matter how expensive, or how nice your clothes look on the shelf or an a manikin or model if you are neglecting to do regular exercise and your body goes out of shape, then you can absolutely forget any clothes looking good on you. Without question, the most important things that influence how clothes look on you is your fitness.



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2. The Fit of the Clothing

Similar to how important your body is to your clothes looking good, the actual fit of what you buy is almost equally as important. When buying clothes it is very important to check how clothes actually look on you. Some males have wider shoulders, bigger hips, longer legs and this will have a big impact on how the clothes look on you. Photographs can be deceptive. A few sneaky clothes pegs out of sight at the back of a shirt or jumper can give a baggy and badly fitted jumper a false sense of something that is well fitting.


3. Brands – They don’t matter

While growing up certain brands were god-like. They would be bestowed by you and your male counterparts as¬†things of unmistakable glory. With internationally renowned endorsers such as David Beckham or George Clooney brands such as Adidas and Omega reached an even higher level of equity. However, although not totally different, things are not like they used to be. Today most males judge clothes on their¬†look, fit and colour and pay little attention to the “brand” that is embroidered somewhere on it.




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