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How Often Should a Man Cut His Hair?

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A question that I frequently get asked by people is how often I cut my hair. I personally cut my hair about every two weeks. At the moment I am using a low fade style. What I love about this style is how fresh and chic it looks when you get it cut. But that’s also its biggest problem too. When you get a low fade, my experience has thought me that it looks sharp and fresh for about two days after its cut. Then its freshness is completely gone and you will have to wait about twelve days until you get your next cut.

What’s General Practice?

The general unwritten rule in Ireland is that a man should cut his hair about once a month (just in order to keep it at “break-even point”). This would be the case for most typical hairstyles (there are some exceptions, balding men would need to cut their hair more often).


I found that I have now entered a hair cutting routine where I visit my barber, at the same time, every two weeks. I am lucky because the barbershop that I visit allows me to book her, for a certain time, in advance. I book her for the same time, every time I am there.

What’s great about routine in this manner is that if you know what you like, and your barber knows how you like it cut then you are sure to have the style you love.

What’s Too Often?

I often have a chat with my barber when she is cutting my hair and I spoke with her about how often men in Ireland are getting their hair cut. She went on to say that there are men whose hair she cuts every single week. She then went on to definitely say that low fades cannot be properly cut once a week and that they simply do not have enough growth to be cut properly after one week.


For me, the most important representation of a man’s style is how he keeps his hair. With the huge number of barbers located in all the major cities and towns in Ireland, there is simply NO excuse for letting your hair standard to slip.

What I like most about getting a fresh low fade hair cut is just how fresh and reengerised you feel afterwards. Getting your hair cut every fortnight does not only mean that you will look great, but you will feel great too.

For me, I get my hair cut in a barber known as The Jolly Barber located in Ferrybank on the way to Waterford City. Read more about The Jolly Barber here.

How Often Should a Man Cut His Hair?
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How Often Should a Man Cut His Hair?
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