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Hanz De Fuko – Claymation Review

Hanz de Fuko Claymation Ireland


Hanz De Fuko- Claymation

When one explores the seemingly infinite content of the internet’s style offerings, one thing rapidly becomes apparent- the vast of majority of products which are recommended by self-proclaimed ‘experts’ are either not easily attainable in Ireland or else command a ridiculous price. When investigating new options and styles pertaining to hair, there was a brand and product which appeared time and time again across numerous platforms. That product was Claymation by Hanz De Fuko, which coincidentally is the topic of scrutiny with today’s product review.

Hanz de Fuko open / textureFans of popular Youtubers may recognise this brand as a favourite amongst some of the most renowned in the field. However, more often than not these reviews can be flawed with bias, due to sponsorship or other reasons. Long gone (hopefully) are the days where the average Irish gentleman reverted to Brylcreem Wet Look or Dax Wax as their styling product of choice. Yet, the majority of us who work long hours, balance family life and tackle repetitiously long commutes aren’t in the position to blow dry and apply a prestyler to their luscious locks every morning. We need things simple, easy, relevantly affordable and hopefully make a few heads turn in the process.

Claymation is somewhat of a wax and clay hybrid. Admittedly, the author is not usually a fan of wax, but the matte finish on offer peaked our interest. Waxes and pomades always appear too artificial; nobody’s hair is naturally that shiny! Being stylish and neat but appearing at least moderately natural is never a bad goal. With wax the texture is far from touchable, for you and anybody who may have the privilege. The end result here, however, isn’t bad. A little goes a long way, but be sure to emulsify the product thoroughly between the palms and fingers before applying. It is quite hard so add it little by little so it won’t clump.

Colm McCall Hanz de FukoThe hold is decent; it doesn’t set like stone but it offers far more hold than the likes of cream. There is a marginal amount of shine, probably due to it containing beeswax, which makes it a little tougher to wash out than more reasonably priced items. But with a decent shampoo and conditioner, it won’t pose a big problem. It doesn’t have much of an odour, aside from a slight chemical smell when first applying. Little or no odour is far better than something which could attract bees, like the likes of Lynx’s hair range.

The price is definitely higher than one would pay at a supermarket or pharmacy and overall, I don’t know if it is worth it. There are superior brands at much lower price points, which are readily available without having to pay the bones of €20 plus shipping (which was the case here).

Hanz De Fuko is not a bad product by any means, but probably not worth the money and definitely not worth the hype!

Male.ie Rating 7/10

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