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Garden Care – Introducing The Lawn Care Nut

Lawn Stripes in Ireland

Ireland’s Introduction to The Lawn Care Nut

If you are like me and if you enjoy looking after your garden and if you are EVEN MORE like me and want your garden to jump out compared to your neighbours then following The Lawn Care Nut’s YouTube Channel is perfect for you. The Lawn Care Nut outlines the steps that you need to take to make your garden jump out. It might be killing weeds, getting rid of moss, daisies or any broad-leaf weeds too. What Alyn Hayne (his real name) does best is outlining how to put lawn stripes onto any lawn. Absolutely nothing looks as great on a lawn as lawn stripes. There is nothing I take more pleasure in than having stunning stripes in the lawn on a bright and sunny day and cars driving past and marvelling at it. Not only is it interesting listening to what he says but the guy says everything like he loves everything about what he does in his garden.

Lawn Strips | Male.ie

Not my garden or the Lawn Care Nuts garden

At present, The Lawn Care Nut has about 138,000 subscribers on YouTube. The Lawn Care Nut offers great ways of treating issues that would your garden definitely has but you have already resigned to the fact that you don’t know how to fix that issue.

The only thing that needs to be considered when watching The Lawn Care Nut is the fact that he is American. Now let me tell you. This guy is just about as American as they get. However, his accent and mannerisms are what makes the guy so entertaining. The Alyn Hayne himself is not a gardener or landscaper as a profession but instead a digital marketer that works in the car industry. That’s another feature about him that makes the guy so good at his videos. If you have any desire to do any garden work this summer in Ireland I strongly, strongly suggest you take a look at some of the videos made by The Lawn Care Nut.

See The Lawn Care Nut’s Website here.

The Lawn Care Nut’s Videos

See some of The Lawn Care Nut’s videos below:


Garden Care - Introducing The Lawn Care Nut
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Garden Care - Introducing The Lawn Care Nut
Male.ie introduces Ireland to The Lawn Care Nut and his YouTube channel (about this lawn) which he updates on a regular basis especially moving toward the summer time. The Lawn Care Nut discusses the best way that a male can make his garden pop and discusses ways to "dominate" your neighbour's lawn.
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