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Fashion Faux Pas : Wearing Navy Socks With Black Pants and Black Shoes

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Every morning when getting ready to go to work I take great care to make sure that I look as professional and as “confidence-inspiring” as I possibly can. Sharp shirt, blazer, nice fitting pants, hair gel, hair spray. It is important to look good and to feel good when going to work everyday. You’re more productive and more confident when you feel and look good. Or at least as good as you can.

This week, when one evening and morning when I was not as prepared as I should have been I made the mistake of having to get ready far too quickly in the morning. With this stuff was just grabbed quickly without much care and consideration. I was not happy with how I was prepared but only later that morning did a realise the consequence of my ill-preparation.

We have discussed the whole wearing navy to work before in the past which can be read hereĀ 

Navy Socks

That day I made the decision to go with an all-black look. Black turtle neck jumper, black pants, black shoes and an off-black blazer. I thought the look was very sharp. I got into my car and got to work. I sat down at my desk at about 08:15 and logged in and it did not take me long to see. I was wearing navy socks. It looked god-awful. Truly, truly terrible.

What makes this so bad? Considering that you see so little of people’s socks anyway. Subtle little glimpses when you walk from place to place, when you stand up or when you reach down to pick something off the floor. The problem being – the little bit that you do see looks absolutely terrible. It completely reduces your sense of professionalism to zero.

What’s the biggest issue? The biggest issue here is that your coworkers, clients or opposition would have thought that you had some sense of style and finesse about you. When they see the nature of your mistake they will most likely think less of you that the people around you that would be dressed in a more “average” or normal way. They will think that you tried so hard but didn’t have the gumption or basic ability to get things right.

If you are going for the all-black look it’s got to be perfect. The blacks that you are wearing need to be perfectly matched. There can’t be an aged black with a crisp black. There cannot be shirts not crisply ironed or shoes not beautifully shined and finished. Everything needs to be correct. When correct you will be the (positive) talk of the office. People will try to copy you. Get it wrong and you will be the butt of people’s jokes. Less likely to be on the better performing teams and generally less high up the ladder in your office. If you go for the all-black look. You must get it right

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