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Best Places to go on the Pull in Ireland

Howth On the Pull Male Ireland

Let’s just face it. Over your life there have been times and places when you would have performed “on the big stage” better than others. It is this temporary physical success that causes a male to have an almost lifelong affection for that particular city, village or town. This list will outline places in Ireland where landing a girl is most probable. Some will be obvious, some less so.

Please note that none of the below listings are put in a particular order. It’s just these are three places that you could stay, eat or go on the pull while in each these places.

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Although not completely under the radar as a place to go for a night out Wexford town would not be at the top of most people’s list as a night out location. Should you ever visit I suspect it will not take long before you find out what I mean. Wexford town is a small but vibrant and welcoming place with a wide selection of restaurants, bars and night club to visit. The town also offers all different prices ranges for accommodation too.

Restaurants that could be visited include:

  1. Good looking IrelandVine
  2. Thomas Moore Tavern
  3. The Yard 

Accommodation in Wexford:

  1. Clayton Whites Hotel
  2. Talbot Suites
  3. Ferrycarrig Hotel

Pubs to Visit:

  1. Sky and the Ground
  2. The Crown
  3. Maggie Mays
  4. The Stores


Another Leinster location Kilkenny is, without question, the best city to go for a night out in Ireland. While it is obviously not as populated as Dublin, Cork or Galway the pure quantity of exceptional pubs and females looking for “entertainment” is just a feeling to marvel.

Kilkenny is usually absolutely littered with stags and with hens. At the very least get yourself out in front of these people and see how it goes. Kilkenny has exceptional food, wonderful culture and history as well as what can only be described as Ireland’s most upstanding people. It is only in exceptionally rare circumstances where anybody has a bad time in Kilkenny.

.Restaurants to eat in while in Kilkenny:

  1. Paris Texas
  2. Rinuccinis 
  3. Campagne

Accommodation in Kilkenny:

  1. Hotel Kilkenny
  2. Lyrath Hotel
  3. Newpark Hotel

Pubs in Kilkenny:

  1. The Left Bank
  2. Matt the Millers
  3. Langton’s 

Girl Dublin MaleDublin

If you are going to be a place with not much on your mind other than “getting your end away” for an evening it is simply impossible to look past Dublin. I think it’s fair to say that considering its size, population and general culture Dublin should be just for you/

The food choice is mind-boggling, there are pubs literally everywhere you look and girls in Dublin’s fare are simply fantastic. Let’s not waste anymore time and get into this.


Restaurants to Visit while in Dublin

  1. FX Buckley’s
  2. Fade Street Social
  3. Roly’s Bistro

Accommodation in Dublin (as you are well aware, it can be bloody well expensive)

  1. Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge
  2. The Westin Hotel
  3. The Hilton Charlemount 

Pubs in Dublin

  1. Cafe En Seine
  2. O’ Donoghue’s
  3. The Black Door


Cork City

It would be the injustice-of-all-in justices if Cork was not included on this list. Cork is a megacity with an absolute truck-load of places to get out and at least chat to birds. There is an abundance of great restaurants, bars and pubs and clubs to enjoy while in Cork city. Cork offers incredible festivals throughout the year and with hotel prices being considerably lower than Dublin should you partake in “activity”, at the very least you will be getting better “bang” for your buck. See a possible list of places where you could visit while in Cork below.

Restaurants to line the stomach before you set out:

  1. Market Lane
  2. White Rabbit Bar and BBQ
  3. Scoozis 



Hotels in Cork City (to bed down and to bed down with someone else)   

  1. The River Lee Hotel
  2. The Clayton Hotel
  3. Maldron Hotel Cork


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