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Best Fragrances For Men In Ireland

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There is an abundance of videos available on YouTube today that recommend which are the best fragrances for men that are available to buy in Ireland. I follow a vast selection of European and style vloggers and I always find the information that they discuss to be very interesting. What I find most interesting about what they say is how similar all their opinions are, the same fragrances often appear over and over again. This article will discuss and display some of the phenomenal reviews on YouTube of the world’s best and most used fragrances for men.



Upon looking at these and many other videos on YouTube things started to become very consistent. Despite there being thousands of fragrances available to buy it’s always the same three or four fragrances that appear on every list you see.

Fragrances For Men That Appear Most  

Creed – Aventus

Creed Aventus is one of the most revered and sought-after fragrances in the world it smells absolutely incredible. For that price, it had better be.

To buy this stuff in Ireland on the high street your best and probably only bet will be in Brown Thomas. Might be in a few other of the high-end stores but not as reliably.

Buy Creed Aventus in Ireland here. (You had better save, it’s €264.50 for one 100ml bottle)

Viktor and Rolf – Spice Bomb  

This is a fragrance that has only been on my radar the last few years. I can vividly remember smelling it for the first time and it instantly connecting with me. What makes it resound even more in my head is I had spent time in Barcelona a few days after buying and the girls in Spain loved it. The smell of Spicebomb is very, very unique and something that turns heads or raises eyebrows (positively) when you walk by in a small room when wearing it or my favourite – when you get into a car with people already in it. This is when people really sense how good it is,

Buy Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb here

Chanel Allure Sport

Chanel Allure Sport is the fragrance that I love. This is my go-to fragrance for every use, casual on-the-street wear, all the way up to the scent that I have chosen to wear on my wedding day. This is a remarkably good fragrance and also comes in a useful travel sized container. Designed, naturally for travelling but also fantastic for keeping in your suit or blazer jacket chest pocket any-time you need to top up.

Buy Chanel Allure Sport here

Token mentions

There are a variety of fragrances on a multitude of online lists that sell really well all over the world and only considering the standard of the three listed above they would have been mentioned too. Some of these fragrances include D&G The One, Mont Blanc Legend and Paco Rabanne One Million.

That’s it, if you are considering to purchasing any of fragrances soon, these should most definitely be on your list to be considered.

Best Fragrances For Men In Ireland
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Best Fragrances For Men In Ireland
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