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American Crew Fiber – Product Review

American Crew Fiber Male

American Crew Fiber

One of the world’s most renowned men’s hair styling brands and a staple of nearly all respectable Irish barber shops, American Crew has garnered quite a reputation for itself over the last decade. In today’s product review, we put its best-selling and most famous product under the proverbial microscope.

With its light yet zesty lemon scent, every time one applies this to their hair they’ll feel as if they are fresh out of the barbershop. Unlike many heavily marketed American styling brands, this one is easily acquired as the vast majority of hairdressers sell it to the public. In comparison to other more ‘everyday’ brands, such as those on sale in the local supermarket, it may come across as a touch on the pricier side. But superior to the aforementioned, are both the longevity and performance. Even with frequent or even everyday usage, American Crew Fiber will last months. To echo an old cliché, ‘a little goes a long way’, and that usually appears to be the case with the more higher end products.

American Crew Fiber - HandThis could be the perfect product if it didn’t possess one major flaw; it’s lack of touchability. Even when using the most minimal of amounts, it isn’t one of those rare products where you or somebody else can run their fingers easily through your trendy do. Unfortunately, decent levels of hold and touch-ability don’t usually go hand in hand, but for a more natural-looking style, it is a desirable quality. Fiber certainly doesn’t set like solid stone, but it probably isn’t facilitating to longer surfer styles, nor would it be used for polished excessively groomed looks. But as for a product for medium length hair which offers reasonable hold, beautiful fragrance and is cost efficient, American Crew Fiber is definitely a sure fire winner.

Male.ie rating 9/10

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